Ruby on Rails 7 engine to manage your website's articles, categories and media.

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PHCPress Documentation

Ruby on Rails 7 engine to manage your website’s articles, categories and media.

Step 1 - Add PHCPress to your gemfile and run the install command

gem 'phcpress'
bundle install

Step 2 - Add PHCDevworks Accounts Devise to your gemfile

This plugin is optimized for PHCDevworks Accounts which uses Devise.

gem 'phcdevworks_accounts_devise'
bundle install

Step 3 - Mount PHCPress & Add Routes

Mount PHCPress by adding code below to your routes file.

mount PhcdevworksAccountsDevise::Engine, :at => '/'
mount Phcpress::Engine, :at => '/'

Step 4 - Copy All Required Database Tables

To copy PHCPress and PHCDevworks Accounts Devise database migrations.

rails railties:install:migrations

Step 5 - Recompile Assets

To ensure proper function re-compile your application’s assets.

rails assets:clobber && rails assets:precompile